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COLD WALL is a drama about a 16-year-old Chinese girl who tries to have an abortion in the foreign land of America. Katie asks for her friend Helena’s help but Helena is distracted by a student having a miscarriage. The miscarriage is recorded by another student and uploaded online, leading to huge scandal. Katie stops asking her schoolmates for help and reaches out to her “boyfriend,” Jack, a temporary janitor at her high school who tries to avoid responsibility. In the end, Katie utilizes her earlier Internet research and self-inflicts an abortion in the bathroom at home.


Jiaying Hu
Director, Writer
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Wenjie Kong
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Xiyu Lin
Production Designer
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Kartikye Gupta
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Jiahao Zhang
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Full Credits
  • Director:
  • Producer:
  • Writer:
  • Editor:
  • Cinematographer:
  • Casting:
    Nicki Katz, Shannon Bobo,
  • Production Coordinator:
    Kecheng Liu,
  • Unit Production Manager:
    Julie Pheng,
  • Second Assistant Director:
    Austin Barrett,
  • Cast:
    Audrey McKenna, Julia Ma, Ollie Ezell, Mia Frank, Ryan Pekar, George Ayvazyan, Matias Salas Silva, Conor Sherry, Alexandra Rae, Jiaxin An,
  • Stunt Coordinator:
    Deven MacNair,
  • Associate Producer:
    Kecheng Liu,
  • Production Designer:
  • Executive Producer:
    Tong Le,
  • Line Producer:
    Shincy Lu,
  • First Assistant Director:
    Rachel Penner,
  • Script Supervisor:
    Bia Freire,

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